Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro es un repositorio de seguridad para el almacenamiento y gestión de información sensible compartida como contraseñas, documentos e identidades digitales de las empresas.

Manage privileged identities and control access to critical information systems with ManageEngine's Privileged Identity Management Suite


Comparación entre versiones

Password Manager Pro está disponible en tres versiones: Standard Edition, Premium Edition y Enterprise Edition.


  • Centralized password vault
  • Manual resource addition
  • Import resources from CSV files
  • Import resources from KeePass
  • Import resources from active directory
  • Password policies
  • Password sharing and management
  • Audit and instant notifications
  • User / User group management
  • Local authentication
  • RADIUS authentication
  • AD / Azure AD / LDAP integration
  • Export passwords for offline access
  • Password reset listener
  • Backup and recovery provisions
  • Two-factor authentication – OTP sent via email
  • Rebranding
  • Mobile access (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, IE)
  • VNC support for collaboration
  • Transfer approver privileges
  • IP Restrictions for Web Access
  • IIS AppPool password reset
  • IIS Web.Config discovery
  • Password protected exports
  • Backup file encryption
  • Managing unidentified email addresses
  • Emergency measures
  • Personalization of user interface (Night-mode theme)
  • Notification Email IDs
  • Remote RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions
  • AD / Azure AD import – User groups & OUs


  • All Features of Standard Edition
  • AD / Azure AD Sync – User groups & OUs
  • Privacy settings
  • Password reset plugin
  • User sessions
  • Trash users
  • IP restrictions – API access and agent access
  • Disable password resets for privileged accounts
  • Auto logon helper
  • Password access control workflow
  • Admin dashboard (Live feeds, reports and graphs)
  • Password action notifications (Resource group-specific)
  • Remote password reset (On-demand, scheduled, and action-based)
  • Agent-based password reset
  • Canned reports
  • Two-factor authentication – PhoneFactor, RSA SecurID, Google Authenticator, Duo Security, YubiKey, Microsoft Authenticator, Okta Verify
  • High availability
  • Privileged session recording
  • Password Reset using SSH Command Sets
  • Password management API (XML RPC, SSH CLI)


  • All features of Premium edition
  • Remote SQL sessions with auto logon
  • CI/CD Platform Integration – Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • MS SQL server as backend database
  • Privileged accounts discovery
  • Active directory sync – resources
  • LDAP Sync – User and User Groups
  • Ticketing system integration – ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, ServiceDesk Plus MSP, ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, JIRA Service Desk
  • Custom password reset listeners
  • Scheduled export of encrypted HTML files
  • SIEM Integration – SNMP traps & Syslog messages Generation
  • Email templates for notification configuration
  • Landing server configuration
  • Federated identity management
  • Smart card / PKI / Certificate authentication
  • Two-factor Authentication – RADIUS
  • Custom Reports
  • Out-of-the-box compliance reports (PCI DSS, NERC-CIP, ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR)
  • SQL query reports
  • Privileged session shadowing and termination
  • SQL server failover clustering
  • RESTful API
  • Encryption key rotation
  • Data encryption and protection with SafeNet HSM
  • MS SQL server as backend database
  • Role customization
  • EAR Support while using MS SQL as backend database
  • Purging selective session recordings signing certificates using custom root CA
  • File transfers over remote desktop sessions
  • Secure cloud storage options
  • SAML 2.0 support

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